We specialize in

Ashiatsu Massage

Labeled as "The most luxurious massage on the planet", ashiatsu massage is deep work focusing on low back and hip pain.

Active Isolated Stretching

AIS is intensely focused on stretching of specific muscle fibers to reach the optimal lengthening of muscle groups. Great for athletes.


Treatments Include

Stress Reduction
Neuromuscular Therapy
Sports Massage (Active Isolated Stretching)
Myofascial Massage
Chronic Pain Relief
Deep Muscle Tissue Massage

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*Standard Rates

30 minute: $45
45 minute: $60
60 minute: $80
90 minute: $110

Specialized Massage Rates

Ashiatsu: $95 for a 60 minute session
Hot Stone Massage: $115
Prenatal Pregnancy Massage: $85 for a 60 minute session
Cranialsacral Therapy (Prices Vary) 
Viceral Manipulation (Prices Vary)

*There is a $5.00 discount for all cash and debit transactions


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Betty Dietrich 


I am a state licensed massage therapist,  and owner of Crystal Lake Massage Therapy. For the past 13 years we have provided the residents of the Crystal Lake area with successful and continuing results using a variety of techniques to personalize each session to every client's needs.  Training and Experience. 

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